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Untitled - C.D. Reiss I find that I never have enough good things, or even enough proper adjectives, to describe how good C.D. Reiss’s writing is. How good the books are. How interesting the characters are. How much I love reading about LA, which if I’m lucky, I will get to see with my own eyes one day.

The preface at the beginning literally gave me goose bumps.

The books alternates between Theresa’s viewpoint, and Antonio’s viewpoint. I love getting into the mind of Antonio as much as that of Theresa. And I love Theresa. I love how she stands up to her family because she knows she loves this man. I love how much Antonio is willing to sacrifice because of his deep love for Theresa.

We learn a bit more about Antonio, his parents. About Donna Maria Carloni and his connection to her (I find this character a bit fascinating – I like a woman in power). They both have enemies that have crossed from the other’s life: Paulie and Daniel. Finally, as always, you get some of the hottest sex scenes ever. EVER.

The writing, as always, is flawless. I am able to picture everything in my head so clearly. Her ability to express visually even locations is wonderful