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Masked Innocence

Masked Innocence  - Alessandra Torre First I have to explain why it took me so long to read: I moved to a new home in the middle of this, so that took me away from it for a bit.

This is another great book from Alessandra Torre, another of my favorite "new to me" authors. Yes, we get some hot sex in this book; but you also get a mystery to go along with it. I love mysteries as much as I love my erotica! Plus, we learn Brad's "secret."

This is a good read but I can't say read it for the sex. Like I said - definite hot scenes at the beginning of the story, and into it - but this book is more about moving the story along, and getting us to, well, The End of Innocence. You read this one to know what is next in the story of Brad and Julia.

If you enjoyed Blindfolded Innocence, you definitely want to move onto this one. And if you haven't read this series yet, and you love hot erotica, then I highly recommend it.