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Kick - C.D. Reiss I think I have been rendered speechless. C.D. Reiss has actually outdone herself with this novella.

Here, we get the story of Fiona Drazen, one of the sisters of Jonathan Drazen. Fiona has...issues, to say the least. Which, from what I can tell, go back to dear old dad. Fiona craves and cannot do without her master, Deacon.

You get something completely different from other stories written by this author, but equally (if not more - which I did not think was possible) entertaining. The writing, as always, is spectacular. The story and the characters are fascinating. What caused Fiona to have these issues? What part does dad play in it? What part does Deacon play in it? Will the interesting doctor keep helping her as she has asked?

Do not expect a story similar to Songs of Submission, or Spin. Yes, you have the steamy, erotic, illicit sex that C.D. Reiss is so wonderful at creating. But again - a different plot that makes you wish the next novella was available to read. I cannot wait to continue reading about Fiona's journey, and you won't be able to either. It is simply riveting.