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Forever Ride

Forever Ride - Chelsea Camaron I had high expectations of this book, as I loved the first in the series. However, I found this one lacking in comparison.

The book takes up where One Ride left off. Tank is in a coma, and Sass has "moved on" by continuing her relationship with a non-biker, who seems to good to be true (of course we learn later he is). Though she is in this relationship and you can tell she is half-assing it because she is determined not to be an "old lady", she continues to visit Tank every day until her new boyfriend finally basically gives her an ultimatum.

In a nutshell: For me, the coma Tank was in dragged on way too long. I was also not happy with how Sass went from a strong woman who spoke her mind to this timid thing who seemed afraid to speak up for herself. She could tell a biker off but not this douche she was living with?

While reading this, I did remind myself repeatedly that really, it is human nature to do this kind of thing. We will try with relationships even when we know, deep down, that they aren't right for us. But it was so far out of character for our heroine to go along with all this, it just didn't work for me.

I do still look forward to reading more about the Hellions. It's not that this book was horrible because it wasn't. Just personally, it made me not like the heroine. I wanted to shake her out of her funk!