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Merciless Ride

Merciless Ride - Chelsea Camaron This is another great entry in this series from Chelsea Camaron; and I have to say that it is a vast improvement from book 2. This book tells the story of Tessie, and thankfully, we get Shooter who is much better for her than Rex.

Shooter has ghosts from his past that make him not want to love again. Tessie, bless her heart, has gone through more shit than any woman should have to go through. The story is told in such a way, and the characters evolve as well, so that you grow to really like them. For me, feeling empathy for Tessie came naturally. Further, you just feel yourself falling for Shooter just as much as Tessie does.

You have the romance growing between the two in this story, as well as the action of the club looking for the man who hurt her. I think those of you who swoon over Jax Teller will enjoy these books; though they are of course have more romance but they all have action stories to go with them. This book is no exception.

These books are just fun to read: I myself am partial to bikers who can be dead sexy, as well as loving a good romance with the tough guy who has and shows that soft side for the woman he cares about. What can I say? I am a sucker for a strong man who wants to make things right for his woman, and wants to take care of her. Probably since men like that are lacking in my life – at least I can have them in my books. And this series has many men like this.