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All Messed Up

All Messed Up - Kelly Jamieson I have to say that I like the idea that a couple can meet somewhere like the airport and feel a chemistry that makes them want to see each other again. It was nice to read a book where things progressed as they should when a couple first meet. This couple had some extremely HOT sex initially, but hey - some relationships begin that way.

It was an easy read, as well as interesting. And did I mention HOT sex? Because this author knows how to write a sex scene that is so descriptive, you feel it in your lady parts. Big time feel it.

Anyway, I digress. Each of them has a dilemma that they are trying to deal with. The author doesn't drag anything out, and manages to make you curious about what each of them are dealing with, and how they manage the issues with the help of the other. On top of the...well, hot sex. Also accurately portrayed is all those feels you have after you meet someone that you are wildly attracted to, in all ways possible. How you want to know more about them. Help them. See them. Be with them. All in all, this was a great romantic read. It passed the Christy eye roll test (ask me if you don't know what this is, lol). Everything came across as believable.