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The Hunt For Snow (Fairytale League #1)

The Hunt For Snow (Fairytale League #1) - S.E. Babin I am enjoying reading books that are new versions of stories from our past; from our childhood. This is a another new twist on Snow White, including the Huntsman. I thoroughly LOVED this book.

The story is set in modern times. Snow has been chased from her kingdom by the evil stepmother, Naomi. Naomi’s ultimate goal is to stay queen. The kingdom is in another realms, and the book always talks about Snow’s life “on Earth.” Snow’s roommates are Belle (yes that Belle), and Cyndi (“Cinderella”). Snow works as a private investigator, and due to her past, has trained with guns and hand to hand combat. Snow is bad ass.

Snow was pursued by the Huntsman, Max, ten years before. Max is under the spell of Naomi; though he is drawn to Snow, he also cannot stop the compulsion to try to kill her because of Naomi.

I enjoyed most everything about this book. I loved the modern day setting. I loved the other worldly realm of Snow’s kingdom that she decides she must now reclaim. It will not be easy for her, as many of those she left behind feel resentful. After all, she left and they have been ruled by her wicked stepmother. Grumpy isn’t happy with her. Maleficent also appears and aids in Snow’s journey, as well as Robin Hood. And Rumpelstiltskin? He is not what you expect at all. I hope that we get to read his story in a later book.

S.E. Babin has created wonderful characters, wonderful locations, and an adventure that makes you want more. I was sad at the end of this book for it to end because I wanted MORE. Fairy tale, romance, action adventure – this book has it all. The writing draws you in and you do not want it to let go.