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The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft)

The Extraordinary Life of Lara Craft (not Croft) - Lola Salt This book was really so entertaining…I had to force myself to stop reading it so I could sleep (I started reading at around 9pm like a doofus).

Meet Lara Craft (with an A). Lara has just lost her job at the circus she was working for – Cirque du Feetesh-Folie. Not only does she get fired, she also gets dropped by Carlos, once of the performers after she catches him with a floozy acrobat also with the circus. In the meantime, Lara’s mother sets her up (so to speak) with a boy from her past named Jamie. Jamie knows she has lost her job, and tells her about an opening with a concierge service. Lara is immediately offered the job.

And we go from there.

I hate to compare this to Eat Pray Love, but it is hard not to. Of course EPL is a memoir, while this book is a humorous story of Lara’s adventures as she also discovers herself while traveling the globe, delivering items such as bull semen to Australia as well as risque items to the Crown Prince of Dubai. The characters in the book are so rich, you cannot help but get drawn into the story. And the transition from city to city as Lara travels also makes for shifts that somehow work well with the book.

Lara is a bit selfish at times, but not in an annoying way. I found myself identifying with her and her fuck-ups throughout the book. (Though I cannot say I’ve ever been in a Twisome like her) I could identify on many levels the feelings she had, as well as some of the things she said, the actions she took, while reading this book.

Again, this is just a damn entertaining read. Eat Pray Love in a romantic comedy type setting. I cannot recommend it enough, especially if you need to take a step back from reading multiple romances in a row. I welcomed and enjoyed the break this book provided.