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Dare to Surrender

Dare to Surrender - Carly Phillips This is the third in the Dare Family series, and it tells the story of Gabe. It isn't until toward the end of the book that you are told what his relationship is with the men in the first two books - he is their cousin.

Gabe is a successful businessman who essentially raised his younger siblings (a brother and sister) after their parents died. He had a disastrous marriage, and has maintained only physical relationship with women, until he meets Isabelle who he feels a stronger connection with.

Isabelle was raised by parents who were less than loving, and yearns to find someone who will truly love her and want to have a family with her that she never had growing up. This has done damage to her self esteem. She too feels an instant connection with Gabe.

This was a story that could be read in an evening (if you aren't distracted by TV - I was so it took me two evenings). I cannot say that I enjoyed it as much as the first in the series, which is the only other one I have read. Things moved a little too quickly between this pair for me, especially when you have two people who have suffered damage in the past. I will say that the author acknowledges how quickly things move, and how it is a bit unusual, so I give her credit for that.

The steamy scenes were awesome, and honestly, my favorite part of the story. I love men who love to be in control and have dirty mouths, so yea - Gabe is wonderful at that.

It's a good story, but I did have a few eye roll moments due to how quickly the relationship moved forward. It's not a horrible book by any means, and I am always quick to add that my own experience in love makes me a bit jaded and cynical as to what happens in some of the books I read.