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Crashed - K. Bromberg I know lots of people love this series; I enjoyed reading it and was ready to move from one book to the next. That being said, I wasn't really thrilled with the way Colton was constantly playing with Rylee's emotions. The constant "I can't do this" was giving me whiplash.

I think that the story would've worked better in two books because again, the constant yanking of Rylee's chain by Colton (for lack of a better phrase) was heartbreaking to the extreme for me...it seriously stressed me out. And this is one of those instances where I feel like I have to say - personal experience in this kind of thing is why it was getting to me. It is hard sometimes to separate yourself when you know EXACTLY what the character is feeling.

All this being said, it sounds like I disliked the series but I did not. I enjoyed the writing very much; I especially loved the interaction between Colton and Beckett. I highlighted some wonderfully funny lines between the two of them. Heck, I highlighted LOTS of funny lines from all the characters!

It is a good read, and you do find yourself ready to move to the next book to see what happens next. You get all the feels as well - not just the funnies I mentioned, but your heart gets hit in all the ways.