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Addy And The Smart Guy

Addy And The Smart Guy - Carter Ashby The final book in the Big Girl Panties series tells the story of Addy, and her attraction to Grey McDaniel. Grey was once her professor, and now she is working with him as a graduate assistant and he is assisting with her dissertation.

If you've read the other books in the series, the chemistry between the two of them is evident. The two of them avoid the attraction they feel toward each other; however, as this book starts out, Grey decides that they need to "get this out of their system" and invites Addy on a trip away during Spring Break. Addy agrees to go after consulting with her friends Zoey and Maya.

The couple have much in common from their past; specifically that they didn't do much things that normal children did while growing up. For example, they take a day to go to the water park. They work hard to live in the moment during this week. Not only do they enjoy doing fun things they've never done before together, they also have some pretty freaking hot sex.

Needless to say, Grey's plan isn't a very good one. He and Addy then must deal with the consequences of their week together.

I enjoyed this book so much! I was always curious as to how this relationship would evolve, and they story of how it did did not disappoint. Holy cow, Grey is one sexy man, especially with the talk during the act itself. Carter Ashby is definitely one of my favorite new authors and I really think you will like her, as well. The story flowed well, I never got bored...as a matter of fact, I pretty much read it all in one sitting during a recent snow day.

This can be read as a stand alone but why do that when the other books in the series are great reads as well?