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Completion - Stylo Fantome I'm so happy that we got this novella to complete the story of Jameson and Tate's romance. I do not have enough good things to say about this series, the author, the characters.

Of course, in order to enjoy this story, you must read all the others in the series. You will not regret it.

Tate is happier and even more fun in this book; however - she is still Tate and Jameson's domineering ways outside of the bedroom still tend to get on her nerves. Jameson is his usual strong, unflappable (for the most part) self, and from the start of his announcement that they are taking an impromptu trip to Hong Kong, you know, like Tate - something is up.

If you have read this full series, you are going to love this "completion." It is perfect and fitting. I find it hard to write a review simply because I do not like including spoilers.

What I do love most about the couple in this series is that they are who they are with no apologies. What they have works and not just in the bedroom. My heart yearns to find what these two have for myself; to find a man like Jameson Kane for myself (and not the money part of him, though that is pretty awesome as well).

This whole series is wonderful because you have interesting characters even outside of Tate and Jameson - Sanders. Ang. God, I love those two! Throw in the hot sex scenes, and the wit. You will laugh and laugh because all of them have the art of the smart ass comeback down.

I would give this book ONE HUNDRED STARS if Goodreads would let me.