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Beneath This Ink

Beneath This Ink - Meghan March Two years ago, after a particularly harsh day, Vanessa Frost goes out and has a few drinks, gets a little tipsy, and runs into Constantine “Con” Leahy. Con was the consummate bad boy in school that Vanessa always felt drawn to. Con has also had a few drinks, and the night ends in a one night stand. Vanessa wakes up the next morning, and leaves in a way that, in a nutshell, pisses Con off. Further, he is pissed because he had so much to drink, he can’t remember the night…

Vanessa’s family is “old money” and she is currently working for a foundation that was essentially set up and has been run by her family. The foundation offers grant money to programs that help those in need, and it is Vanessa’s passion. They have received donations in order to build a new center and unfortunately, some of the property they bought includes a small portion that they need to aquire – from none other than Con Leahy.

Con is now a tattoo artist who owns his own shop, as well as some other businesses that are a bit on the unsavory side (some would think). He served in the military, and returned home, determined to find the person who killed his adoptive parents.

The chemistry between Vanessa and Con is still there. And the author does a wonderful job because you can feel the electricity while reading. Throw in their past: Vanessa was overweight as a child and her mother, who is now deceased, was constantly on her to watch what she ate to the point that she fears eating in front of others. She currently lives with her father, who has health issues, and who is a bit of a control freak…and had a horrible encounter with Con when he was a teenager. Con, who was raised in various foster homes before moving in with his adoptive parents as a tween, has a bit of resentment for wealthy people.

I really could not put this book down! I enjoyed how the heroine stood up for herself when she needed to. She was not a pushover. Further, she knew when it was the right time to “reveal secrets” – I like reading a book where the person reveals them rather than a situation that explodes and causes drama. I enjoyed the dominance of Con, his demeanor. The words he used, the gestures when dealing with Vanessa just made me MELT. I loved reading about the connection between the two, and their interaction. The sex scenes were off the chart! There is also a bit of a mystery thrown in as you hope that Con discovers who had his parents murdered.

I highly recommend this book to any lover of romance novels!