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STAY - Ketley Allison The Snapped Series was a set of seven novellas that tell the story of Charlie and her move to New York with her boyfriend, Slade, who was the college football all-star who know plays in the NFL. Charlie has enrolled in law school. Her best friend from even earlier than high school, Lara, also moves with her to New York. Charlie is not one who is big about being in the spotlight, and struggles with that while also attending law school which is not only difficult as far as the work involved, but also because of her semi-celebrity status. She makes a new friend in Reagan, a fellow law student.

I would really call this series more of a mystery than a romance. As the novellas move forward, you see the struggles of Charlie and Slade dealing with their new life. The introduction of Nate, brother of Reagan, also causes strain not only between Charlie and Slade, but also her friend Lara. Ultimately, one of these five ends up dead, and someone is trying to frame Charlie for the murder - which means someone she trusts and is close to is a killer.

I enjoyed reading the series; each novella was short enough that you got one full story. However, some were better than others. Ultimately, the story moved at a good pace though some parts were a bit confusing; specifically with regard to one character who seemed to be a bit over the top and the other character's reactions to it: one minute they liked this person, the next they hated this person...it wasn't very cohesive.

The Snapped Series is a good mystery story but as far as the romance aspect, I found it lacking. Further, there were parts that felt rushed, as well as the interaction with the character mentioned above. Again, some of the novellas were better than others, but on a whole, I give the series 3 out of 5 stars.

Anissa's Redemption: A Young Woman's Saga from War in Syria to Love in NY Continues (The Syrian Virgin Series Book 2)

Anissa's Redemption: A Young Woman's Saga from War in Syria to Love in NY Continues (The Syrian Virgin Series Book 2) - Zack Love The story takes over from where The Syrian Virgin left off. Anissa is dealing with her feelings about Julien and Michael, while also dealing with moving forward with her college education, as well as worrying about the fate of her family who are in Raqqa.

Some of the issues? Julien's past, which he does not wish to speak to anyone about, including his therapist - specifically, after Anissa finally reveals the truth of her past to him. While he knows that the relationship he has with Anissa is special, Julien's past is one that he wants to open up to Anissa about, slowly. The two of them work on ways that Julien can show that he trusts Anissa while not opening up completely (at first), but their effort backfires and causes even more turmoil between the two of them.

Further, Anissa's sister ends up in a very dangerous situation - and Anissa needs the help of both Julien and Michael in order to assist Maria.

It is hard for me to express how much I enjoyed these two books. Not only are you getting the love story, but you are also being educated about the turmoil in the Middle East, and the atrocities that are happening there. What some people have to endure there, in their home towns, is frightening. You cannot help but want to be like the characters in the book, and find a way to educate people about what is happening. Without wanting to find ways yourself to help in any way possible.

Once again, I found it hard to put the book down. I was drawn into the story, which had a few twists I really did not see coming. I enjoy the characters and like them - and I am totally #teamJulien. There, I said it - I picked a side. Really, I picked that side while reading the first book.

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good, entertaining, interesting story. I recommend it for those who simply want to learn more about our world as well.


Untitled - Kylie Scott I might have to say that Deep may be my favorite in the Stage Dive series.

This book tells the story of Ben, bass player and sexy bearded tattooed man who is my new book boyfriend, and Liz, who is the sister of Anne, wife of Mal. Sexy funny drummer extraordinaire. It starts with Liz taking a pregnancy test, which is very hot pink positive. Then we flashback to four months before…where we hear about the conception of said pinto bean (this is a phrase my family uses because the babies always look like pinto beans in their ultrasound photos, don’t they?).

I loved this story…loved, loved, loved. The chemistry between Ben and Liz is awesome, even when you are reading the text messages they send each other. And Liz is hilarious. I laughed so many times reading this, but I also felt her heartache, because, and I quote the book here (not a spoiler):

"Ugh, boys suck. Such is life. What can you do?"

The sex scenes are off the chart, holy hell, freaking HOT. I found myself with this yearning for my own Ben that literally made me ache. In my lady parts. Ache, I say!

I highlighted several quotes from the book I enjoyed; but I received an ARC via NetGalley for my review and it does say that some things could be removed, so I’m only going to share one. Hopefully, it makes it in the final version but if not, you will probably enjoy anyway.

"His chest was so pretty. So hard and big and stuff, it made my IQ drop to my shoe size. Everything about him did. The bearded sex machine turned me into a stuttering fool. Sad but true."

Deep can be read as a stand alone, but this whole series is so wonderfully good – well written, great characters, hard to put down – you really should do yourself a favor and buy them all.

Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below - Debra Anastasia First, if you have seen the author's promos that she has been posting, and you find them to be offensive? Don't read this book. You have to be open to laughing about anything crude in life. Because, let's face it...shit happens.

And it happens repeatedly in this romantic comedy, which really reads more like a romantic farce. Dove meets the pharmacist of her dreams while picking up a script for a yeast infection. Johnson (yes, this is the pharmacist's name and that made me laugh, too) has a booming voice when referring to the safety measures and so forth to do with the cream she is picking up.

The story that follows is a one epic fail after another; fails that are so funny you will find yourself almost pissing yourself while reading. Seriously. I was reading while in bed and I rolled right out of it, into the floor, laughing.

The story is funny not only because of epic and sometimes embarrassing fails on the parts of Dove and Johnson, but you have the best set of supporting characters EVER. Dove's neighbor, Duke. Steve the cat. Dove's two best friends. The manager at the store where Johnson works. A hot dog vendor that will give you the creeps. And Mr. and Mrs. Anastasia - who are freaking comedy gold.

I loved this book, and I highly recommend it to any reader - male OR female - who isn't offended by fart jokes in particular, but crude humor as well. You might should read it at home where the bathroom is handy when you need to pee.


Coda - C.D. Reiss CODA tells the story of life for Jonathan and Monica after they marry, which was a whirlwind affair in and of itself, as they were facing a major life crisis.

Because of this life event, things are not as they once were between the two of them. Each of them are finding their groove; attempting to get back to what they once were. Factor in that Jonathan is not working like he did, while Monica is working on her singing career - at the same time, struggling to spend as much time as possible with her husband.

The issues they face do not lessen the love that they feel for each other. And when Jonathan once again takes charge, you feel it. Right down in your hoo-ha. Yes, I went there.

CD Reiss never disappoints as far as I'm concerned. The writing is so exquisite that it was hard for me to breathe at times. This one is going to stand out for me as someone who has experienced an event in the story that Jonathan and Monica do; it was hard not to literally feel what they felt.

CODA is a perfect telling of not only a couple struggling to adjust to marriage, but also the perfect telling (finale? I'm hoping we might get more) of Jonathan and Monica specifically. If you've read the complete series, then you must read CODA.

Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder - Holly Kerr This story follows four women - Josie, Poppy, Lana and Meredith, friends for years - over the course of an evening while celebrating Josie's 40th birthday. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character.

I have to say, the book was not what I thought it would be. I was expecting, and to a degree, did get a book that tells of females bonding on an evening out. I expected secrets to come out - but this isn't an average group of women. Poppy is married to Kent, who has a bit of celebrity attached to him because of his success as a financier. Josie is married to a former CFL player (the story is set in Canada). Do not read the book expecting to hear secrets as you might expect to come out from a group of friends that you have.

The story starts with Josie, Lana and Meredith waiting for Poppy. Poppy's marriage is not happy, and a recent scandal involving her husband has not helped matters any. She refuses to talk about it most of the evening. Further, Lana was married to Poppy's twin brother, Ted, for several years - then decided abruptly that it wasn't working, while disappearing for a year to travel. Lana still refuses to say anything more than "it wasn't working" though she still clearly loves Ted. Josie is wondering if her husband is cheating on her because all of a sudden he is fanatical about going to the gym. And there's that new young, thin assistant he just hired. And Meredith has joined them after a bad day at work - she is a masseuse and had a client who wanted a "happy ending" - and also has to deal with Lana who isn't too happy with Meredith - because Meredith slept with Ted AFTER Lana divorced him.

The writing in this story is really good; the only problem I had was keeping up with the chapter switches. You have to remind yourself as you start each chapter which character is now telling the story. Further, if you are going to stop reading, don't do it in the middle of a chapter; make sure you finish it so you will have a fresh perspective when you get back to it.

That is, IF you can put it down! As a reader, I couldn't help but be drawn into this story, wondering as I read why DID Lana leave Ted? What exactly is going on with Poppy's husband? And surely Josie's husband isn't cheating on her. It is all woven together very well, and by the time you finish the book, you can't believe that everything that happened and everything that came out all did so in the course of a girl's night out for a birthday celebration.

And the book kind of has one of those endings where you go...WTF. Did that just happen? And not a bad WTF. Not to me. It was a definite twist that you probably won't see coming.

The Last Good Knight

The Last Good Knight - Tiffany Reisz My full review is on the page for the final volume in this novella series.

Complete Submission: The Complete Series

Complete Submission: The Complete Series - C.D. Reiss This is by far my favorite romance series, hands down. A must own for those who love erotica and romance with two strong leading characters that you grow to love. Truly the epitome of great erotica and romance.

You can check my individual reviews of this series. Cannot wait for CODA.

Addy And The Smart Guy

Addy And The Smart Guy - Carter Ashby The final book in the Big Girl Panties series tells the story of Addy, and her attraction to Grey McDaniel. Grey was once her professor, and now she is working with him as a graduate assistant and he is assisting with her dissertation.

If you've read the other books in the series, the chemistry between the two of them is evident. The two of them avoid the attraction they feel toward each other; however, as this book starts out, Grey decides that they need to "get this out of their system" and invites Addy on a trip away during Spring Break. Addy agrees to go after consulting with her friends Zoey and Maya.

The couple have much in common from their past; specifically that they didn't do much things that normal children did while growing up. For example, they take a day to go to the water park. They work hard to live in the moment during this week. Not only do they enjoy doing fun things they've never done before together, they also have some pretty freaking hot sex.

Needless to say, Grey's plan isn't a very good one. He and Addy then must deal with the consequences of their week together.

I enjoyed this book so much! I was always curious as to how this relationship would evolve, and they story of how it did did not disappoint. Holy cow, Grey is one sexy man, especially with the talk during the act itself. Carter Ashby is definitely one of my favorite new authors and I really think you will like her, as well. The story flowed well, I never got bored...as a matter of fact, I pretty much read it all in one sitting during a recent snow day.

This can be read as a stand alone but why do that when the other books in the series are great reads as well?

Make Me Up

Make Me Up - Avery Flynn I got 42% into the book and was not really enjoying it. I felt like there was one line early in the book that gave the "whodunit" away. I had a hard time connecting with the heroine and hero as well. She in particular seemed just a bit too closed and by that I mean to me, as a reader.

The Flame and the Flower

The Flame and the Flower - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss It's been years but I do remember loving this. Maybe need to revisit this classic!

UnKiss Me

UnKiss Me - Dawn Martens This is the story of Jasper and Eden, who fell in love while growing up together. The gist of their story? Nothing more than a series of misunderstandings and lies through out - whether by minor characters, or the two main characters themselves - which causes continuing separation between the two. At one point they each say to each other "no more lies" while each of them KNOWS they are keeping a secret from the other. The reader knows his secret, but we aren't told what hers is - though I had it pretty much figured out (but I'll admit, not completely). All the lies by all the characters frustrated me as a reader, and made me not like much of anyone in the story at all.

The pacing of the story was also off a bit as well; it just didn't flow well. The emotions in scenes went from one extreme to the other. I also had a hard time keeping up with the supporting characters - there were two other males and two other females that the main couple grew up with, and they were all in relationships. All the men are now in an MC so you were told their real names, and their biker names - and I could never keep up with who was who. And which female was dating which male.

I wanted to like it but it just didn't work for me.

Innocent Ride

Innocent Ride - Chelsea Camaron This is the fourth in Chelsea Camaron's Hellions series, and it doesn't disappoint. This tells the story of Rex and Caroline aka "Lux". These two have been sniping at each other since the series started...but you knew something was there.

The story starts with Lux being harassed at work by her superior, who is pretty much the epitome of a smarmy, snotty, rich guy. Initially, she was attracted to him but his pushy behavior turns her off. She starts dressing "down" at work, and doing anything she can to get him to quit bothering her - to no avail. It only seems to drive him more. Seeing that she is not going to give in, the jerk blackmails her with information from her past.

After her first dangerous run in with him, Lux goes to her best friend Doll and tells her the bare minimum. However, Doll can see how scared she is and tells her husband, President of the local Hellions chapter, who shares with Rex, the VP. The story moves forward from there.

This was another great read, and very hard to put down. You have Rex dealing with the fact that he has learned he has a six year old son. You have Caroline trying to deal with her past (which is way darker than you expect). Then you have the two of them and their chemistry as they deal with all these issues together.

Chelsea Camaron writes some of my favorite MC books - you have your romance, and you also have a bit of a mystery that has to be solved. Plus sexy, dirty talking bikers? With tattoos? Hello!

Edge, Episode One: Season One (Edge, Serial Book 1)

Edge, Episode One: Season One (Edge, Serial Book 1) - Jamie Magee I was drawn to this book for many reasons - biker book featuring a female MC member. Also - she's a witch. So we have paranormal elements included with hot biker men.

However, the story ends at 24%. I know the start after that is a "preview" of another of the author's books. I didn't read the preview; it could've been several previews or the bulk of that one.

Good premise; however it was a bit confusing at times and I don't feel the desire to purchase the next episodes because I'm worried they will end at 24%.


Untitled - Tiffany Reisz This book starts in present day, and Nora, Søren, Kingsley and Juliette are in Scotland for a wedding. Of course, this leads to story telling. The Virgin tells the story of the year when Nora and Kingsley both disappeared from Søren's life, after Nora and Kingsley were forced to deal with a situation on their own then had to tell Søren what happened. Søren, being Søren, issued edicts which did not sit well with either Nora or Kingsley and each of them set out separately, spending a year away from home.

Nora turns to her mother, who is now a nun, and asks and is allowed to stay at the convent. Nora does menial tasks to "pay her way", but mainly she needs time to think and evaluate her life. There she meets a young nun, new to the convent, and the develop a relationship that changes Nora and sets forth another path for her outside that of The Eighth Circle.

Kingsley also travels and finds himself in Haiti, where he stumbles across Juliette on the beach. He is immediately fascinated by her - but she doesn't seem to share his fascination. At first. Kingsley pursues her, and learns the secrets of her life and vows to make her his, and to bring her back home to his kingdom.

What can I say other than I am totally in love with all these characters, and the more we learn about their past and how it shapes who they have become, the more I find myself in love with them. If you have read this series, then you know exactly what I mean. This story is especially touching, because you feel Nora's fear and anger with Søren, as well as Kingsley's.

You will be fascinated by the young nun who is unlike any person you've read about before.

You will also have a new found respect for Juliette, and the things she suffered before Kingsley came into her life. There are times when you are holding you breath, wondering if she will be brave and follow Kingsley - even though we all know this as well.

And who is getting married? You'll have to read the story to find out for yourself.

Another wonderful, wonderful book from Tiffany Reisz. There were current day scenes between Søren and Nora that will have you laughing as well (imagine Søren in a kilt? SWOON). What will I do after the last book is published??

The Virgin generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Watch my blog on Monday, March 30 to enter a giveaway to win a Kindle copy of The Virgin.


Completion - Stylo Fantome I'm so happy that we got this novella to complete the story of Jameson and Tate's romance. I do not have enough good things to say about this series, the author, the characters.

Of course, in order to enjoy this story, you must read all the others in the series. You will not regret it.

Tate is happier and even more fun in this book; however - she is still Tate and Jameson's domineering ways outside of the bedroom still tend to get on her nerves. Jameson is his usual strong, unflappable (for the most part) self, and from the start of his announcement that they are taking an impromptu trip to Hong Kong, you know, like Tate - something is up.

If you have read this full series, you are going to love this "completion." It is perfect and fitting. I find it hard to write a review simply because I do not like including spoilers.

What I do love most about the couple in this series is that they are who they are with no apologies. What they have works and not just in the bedroom. My heart yearns to find what these two have for myself; to find a man like Jameson Kane for myself (and not the money part of him, though that is pretty awesome as well).

This whole series is wonderful because you have interesting characters even outside of Tate and Jameson - Sanders. Ang. God, I love those two! Throw in the hot sex scenes, and the wit. You will laugh and laugh because all of them have the art of the smart ass comeback down.

I would give this book ONE HUNDRED STARS if Goodreads would let me.